Jielde lamps are iconic, industrial-inspired designs handcrafted in Lyon, France with meticulous attention to detail, offering versatile lighting solutions for any space.

Their adjustable arms and shades provide functionality and durability, ensuring a long-lasting investment. These enduring and distinctive lamps create the perfect ambiance, standing out in both form and function, each one numbered and marked with the company emblem, adding an elegant touch to any interior.


The Jieldé Loft Collection is an icon of vintage industrial design. Once known as the Standard, this range of lighting fixtures is the original work of Jean-Louis Domecq, conceived in 1950. Each lamp in the Loft Collection is characterized by a 15 cm diameter reflector, delivering precise and targeted light.


The Signal Collection by Jieldé, born in 2003, is a compact rendition of the iconic Loft Collection. Designed with the same spirit and functionality but in a more petite size, it makes for an adaptable and versatile lighting solution. This collection effortlessly fits into any interior style, be it modern or vintage, thanks to its wide range of colors.


Discover the Collection LAK, a series of unique vintage lighting fixtures. Redesigned in the 1970s, this collection showcases a distinctive shape emblematic of that era.


The Jieldé suspension collection showcases the essence of French industrial design. Featuring four distinct models - Augustin, Beaumont, Clément, and Dante - this collection offers a range of high-quality suspended lighting options.


Explore the Aicler Collection, a stunning selection of unique metal lighting fixtures. Choose from straight or curved lampshades to create the perfect ambiance in your space.