The new Xicato RGBW Linear LED is now available in Australia.

No ordinary CRI, no colour shifts, no colour inconsistency and no lengthy delivery times from your order placement.

Xicato XFL Flexible Linear is one of the best performing linear LED tapes around. With Xicato XFL, the original colour will not change over time, nor will you face variation among a production run of the LEDs. Further to this, Xicato delivers outstanding colour rendering.

192 LEDs per metre
3000K is CRI95
3 oz. copper content for higher reliability & heat management
5 year warranty
62.5mm minimum cut length
Option available in IP65 

Please contact us to see the range stocked in our Australian warehouse. Read more about this product and access the date sheet here.

Image: Xicato Case Study, The Science Museum, London.

April 12, 2024 — Meghan Hood